So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Well this series will cover the myths of entrepreneurship to help you not only identify stumbling blocks but also clear up any misconceptions of being a entrepreneur so that you start and grow properly on your journey.

We’ll go through the most common myths about entrepreneurship throughout the course of a series of posts. So make sure you subscribe here and on my YouTube channel to be notified when a new series drops.

Myth #1: Entrepreneurship is genetic

Who came up with this #smh. Entrepreneurship to me is very similar to being an athlete. While talent makes achieving goals look easy and even help the athlete reach milestones a little faster… that talent will only take you so far. And the one person who has made achieving the same goal through hard work and determination without the talent will eventually not only accomplish that objective but establish a core discipline that will position the entrepreneur for long-term opportunities that with talent alone will never be able to standup to.

While genetic can play a part in any journey, genetics is not the core strength to achieving and accomplishing an objective. So erase that thought that genetics hold any true strength in growth.

Myth #2: Entrepreneurs don’t quit until they succeed

Well, that straight up “bs”. If this was true then there wouldn’t be a high small business failure rate. While the core mentality of an entrepreneur is to not accept failure, the reality of it all is… most do accept failure.

And on the other hand, most entrepreneurs just like athletes fail and fail often. This isn’t always a bad thing. To be straight forward with you, if you’re not failing often, you’re typically not pushing yourself enough outside your comfortability. But don’t get it twisted, failure is not where you want to stay. Failing is just part of your growth and without this you are not growing.

Myth #3: All entrepreneurs are very smart and you need a business degree

Stop it… this is so far from the truth, and the longer you’re in the game the more you’ll realize that most entrepreneurs are all searching for the same answer.

No, you don’t need extensive training, secondary education or certifications to help you grow your business. Each business is different and each entrepreneur has a unique skill that you bring to the table. There is no cookie cutter college degree that will be the core tool to your business success.

So get your fail on and do it with style!

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